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Understanding and Optimizing Your Website Speed

What is Page Speed? Page speed is the amount of time it takes for the content on a website’s page to fully load. In a world where people have come to expect instantaneous results, faster is better. In fact, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, [...]

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Believe it or not, the same premise applies to negative review response as it does to positive reviews. How you respond to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer, but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of [...]

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The Basics of Online Advertising

How does online advertising help a local business grow? Digital advertising increases awareness—it’s that simple. Digital advertising consists of a range of services, all of which work to promote a business online. More and more businesses are increasing the amount that they spend on digital advertising, and experts like Jamie Turner suggest digital advertising [...]

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