what is listings builder

Are you ready to get your business found online? Start here with My Listings Builder!

We provide you with a mobile optimized Micro-Website that instantly provides you with another place for your customers to find your business online – Plus, it’s fun and easy to customize!

Your Listing site can be used for: a general listing containing essential info, a store locator for chain stores or franchise locations and more!

Don’t have a website or your website is out of date? My Listing is an inexpensive Micro-Website – add it onto your custom domain for more impact!

Sync your business to Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for better SEO and control over your information. Every time you make a change in your Listing Builder, it automatically updates – saving you time and allowing your customers to always find you!

Accurate listings ensure a customer can find and contact your business. Incorrect listings lead to frustrated customers that can’t find you. It’s not enough to be listed, you must be listed correctly!

Plug your Google My Business information into Google Insights and check your traffic and stats from your Digital Dashboard Toolset.

Keep an eye on HOW your customers are finding you. Increase your organic discovery by showing up in more listings and developing your SEO!

Connect your Facebook and Google Ad accounts for an easy snapshot of how your ads are performing and to keep track of your ROI.

Just one less place you need to login to in order to keep track of your marketing efforts!

Ready to get found online?

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