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The world of marketing has changed again. Gone are the days of spending your hard-earned cash or profits on expensive traditional marketing, such as newspaper or radio, billboards, etc. Today, we can literally drill down to the customers walking in your front door. We can even reach out to those visiting your parking lot after hours. Imagine an automotive dealership, many visit after hours or on the weekend, just to avoid the pesky salesperson or maybe they just aren’t ready to make that purchase yet. After all, next to buying a home, a vehicle is the next biggest purchase a person will make.

There isn’t a newspaper in their hands at the moment they are in the parking lot. But I bet they are holding their cellphone or comparing pricing with other dealerships. Of course, this is only one example of one industry, but the same methods apply to any industry (restaurant, real estate, hospitality, pharmaceutical and more). Is their radio on? No? Guess they didn’t get that message either. But they could be streaming music or using Google to get information on that vehicle or product. Which means, their phone is in their hands, and we can deliver your timely message directly into their hands.

How GPS Intercept Marketing Works

We draw a virtual perimeter around your building (we can also target your competitors) and capture the device IDs of phones entering those zones. In doing so, we can send your message onto those phones and sway customer decisions.

  • Hyper locally-targeted mobile advertising.
  • Captures cell phone device IDs entering targeted areas.
  • Serves ads and marketing messages to device users via in-app ads, mobile web browsing ads and OTT* (*optional).
  • Follows the user on other devices, like desktops and tablets, to continue serving ads and messages.

Imagine an outdoor music festival. We can target that event and capture those device IDs and serve ads for the duration of your campaign. We know anyone visiting festivals likely owns a vehicle, they might like drinking beer, whatever the target audience or demographic is, we can now place in-app ads on their phones and send them to your store. Can traditional marketing do this? Absolutely not. And, we can track those devices helping you put a dollar value on the new or existing customer. For automotive, we can send a hot lead or hot prospect into your dealership for $25-35

Other forms of marketing simply can’t do that, nor can they track those key metrics such whether they saw the ad, clicked on the ad, length of time in your store, etc. This is the best marketing tactic possible for tracking that all-important ROI.

GPS Intercept Marketing is the perfect solution for people that want to target a group of people attending a specific event or location and get more reach out of their ad spend rather than simply zip/postal code targeting or city-wide targeting.

The benefits of GPS Intercept Marketing are incredible for any business or organization.

  1. Increase Local Sales: you can access the customers (or potential customers) entering your store during or after hours. And, you can send timely messaging to increase sales.
  2. Target Your Competitors: easily send relevant marketing messages during to mobile devices at your competitor locations.
  3. Build New Customer Base: imagine the additional customers that you can sway to walk into your location by targeting events or other related businesses.

Here’s the best part! Since we are not your traditional proximity target marketing company, we can capture this data (and these customers) for you without wi-fi, Bluetooth, pin-drop radius, ZIP or IP address.

We don’t need to set up costly beacons. GPS Intercept Marketing requires no hardware and it works passively works in the background (no user actions required).

Key GPS Intercept Marketing Benefits

  • Let your competition do top of funnel marketing (no more spray and pray approach).
  • Target in-market prospects visiting your competitor’s locations.
  • Give your business exposure when it matters most.
  • Maximize advertising efficiencies from your ad marketing budget.
  • Attribute ad views to walk-in conversions.
  • Serve ads across hundreds of thousands of apps (90% of App store & 90% of Google Play Store).
  • Re-target customers who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location.

How do you get started?

Easy! Reach out to through our website, by email or phone (if people still use those) or contact us via our social media channels. We can have your campaign online in as little as 24 hours and deliver results you didn’t think (or know) were possible.