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How to Grow your Brand with Social Media Contests

There are several ways you can grow your brand with social media contests. If done correctly, this can help grow your followers, engagement, and the most important part, sales!

Here’s an example:

Hydroflask started on Instagram with only 300 followers and have quickly grown to 500,000 followers. Their main strategy?

That’s right, social media contests!

You already know the benefits of having a strong social presence so here are a few ways you can increase your followers and engagement on your social platforms.

  1. Promote Your Best-Selling Products

If you have a product that’s in high demand, or a product you want to push, use a social media contest to build product (or brand) awareness.

You should highlight the benefits of your product in your contest caption. Treat a social media contest like miniature ads for your products. You will see engagement; contest entries and even sales increase quickly.

  1. Increase Sales with A Buy-to-Enter Contest Entry

Ask your followers to make a purchase to enter the social media contest. This presents a win-win situation for your business.It drives more traffic and sales to your website and attracts contestants or entries.

An example of this is 7-11. They hosted a contest where you had to follow their Slurpee Instagram account and you could post pictures of your favorite flavour of Slurpee using their hashtags. The only thing you had to do first was buy a Slurpee. What a great way to get people to engage with your social media and increase sales immediately. After all, Manitoba is the Slurpee capital of Canada.

  1. Ask for Reviews & Testimonials from Your Social Media Contest

Social media reviews are incredibly important and add credibility to your brand. There’s nothing wrong with asking for a review or testimonial as this helps you improve your contests for the next time. And, you get all that additional SEO and brand awareness, build your email database, and so much more.

As you can see, getting product feedback through social media contests is a great way of engaging your audience. It also shows your brand and products to whoever happens to scroll by.

  1. Find Influencers with Your Social Media Contest

If you’re looking for a way to quickly bring attention to your brand (or product), host a contest giveaway with a social media influencer.

Social media Influencers already have an audience from all social media platforms. They are ready to engage with your brand, so find an influencer who matches your target audience so customers can connect better with your brand. A rule of thumb is one influencer doesn’t fit all brands.

As you can see, social media contests can grow your brand, or bring awareness to your brand, in more than one way. Don’t just think of the immediate, we have to grow our followers’ adage. Social is a long game. Followers will come with time, but you must give them a (preferably fun) reason to follow you in the first place. And, who doesn’t like to win free stuff?