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How to Grow Your Social Media Following ASAP

One of the questions I get more often than not is, “How do I increase my followers on social media?” To which, my answer is often the same, “How often are you posting on social media?”

That seems to be a recurring issue. For example, I have worked with a client for years (while stressing the importance of social media), yet they post (on average) 2-4 times per month. Per month! This should be, per day, or more.

Posting content on social media is incredibly vital to any business growth or success. Who isn’t on Facebook or Instagram every other minute of the day? That might seem somewhat literal, but we check our social media dozens of times a day, and to not have a presence on all social platforms, is literally doing a disservice to your organization.

You need to be found everywhere. That simple. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Each and every single social media platform. And, if you’re not found on those sites, I can assure you that your competition is. Which means, they are reaping the rewards while you are not.

In fact, not posting regularly on social media shows laziness and a lack of care for your brand. Let’s call it like it is. No beating around the bush here. We all have the same amount of time in a day. No person is more (or less) busy than the next person. So, the excuse of not having time, doesn’t fly in today’s age. Plus, it’s free. You can literally broadcast your message to the entire world at NO cost. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this.

Don’t know where to start? Also, not an excuse. I’m sure you’ve heard of Google, and a random search on social media basics will get you tens of thousands of articles to read on how often and why you should post on social media.

I’ll break it down even further, here are a few basics to get you started, and considered the best practices for social media.

  1. Be regular and consistent (this goes without saying).
  2. Speak to your audience or market.
  3. Follow influencers and share their content and posts. Engage with them on their social platforms.
  4. Respond to your followers/audience.
  5. Use hashtags where appropriate.

Some businesses employ a social media coordinator. This is someone dedicated to creating a great social media calendar and making sure their organization has a strong social media presence. By following the calendar and adapting along the way with additional posts and engagement, you will never miss an important event or sharing content that can drive additional revenue for your company.

If you don’t have the budget for this, make sure you dedicate someone to the time required (daily) to update your social accounts. You can use a great (and FREE) product like HootSuite to schedule posts. Again, this eliminates the excuse of not having enough time to post on your social platforms.

One of the biggest reasons to adopt social media is the timeliness of it. You don’t have to wait a day or more, a week or two, etc just to schedule newspaper ads or run a TV campaign or shoot a video for YouTube. You can broadcast your sale immediately on social media. It’s instantaneous and (again) it’s free. Your audience can share the details of your event (also at no cost) and you can drive additional traffic to your store or product.

Can you do this with any other advertising medium? Absolutely not.

So, what are you waiting for?

The days of being complacent are over. You need to establish your brand and remain a step ahead of your competition at all times. It takes two seconds to snap a photo on your smartphone. Post it to Instagram. Use hashtags to promote it on Twitter. Send it to business professionals on LinkedIn. Reach the millennial demographic on YouTube.

Get the point?

Posting regularly on social media can be the difference between companies that succeed and those that fail. Having a regular presence can increase your profits and foot traffic and brand awareness. And, the more often you post, the quicker you will build your following and strengthen your online presence and social following.

So, remind me again why you’re not posting on social media?