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How to Use Blogging to Promote Your Business

One of the quickest ways to promote your business, and develop fresh and unique content for your website, is through blogging.

There are numerous articles on Google, which will explain the benefits of regular blogging, and I don’t mean occasionally posting a new article on your website.

The most beneficial reason you should post weekly blogs (yes, weekly) is to drive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps you get additional page ranking results on major search engines such as Google. It also increases backlinks (these are other authoritative websites that link back to you for content or see you as the expert in whatever subject you write about). And, search engines will be more prone to crawl your site more often organically pushing you to first or top page ranking.

Another reason you should take the time to write and submit regular blogs, you come across as the expert. Nobody should know this stuff better than your own business. And, you want folks to come to your website regularly to get more content, which in turn results in more sales or in-store traffic.

How about Google Analytics? If you don’t have this installed on your website, you are missing a huge opportunity to gain insight into what’s important to your readers.

Use your analytics to determine how much time people spend on your website but you can also use analytics as a gauge to what people want to see or read. How much time do they spend on your blogs? How often are they coming to your site to read your blogs? All of this is important in helping you determine what content you should add to your webpage.

Lastly, the all-important social media platforms are itching for new content. And, search engines such as Google, are starting to put more focus on businesses that are blogging more often.

When you write a great piece of content, you should share it on all your social media platforms. Link the article back to your site. This creates an additional stream (or a new stream) of traffic. Again, this will also result in additional sales or in-store traffic as you are the authority. You are the expert. You are giving much more than just telling people about a new sale item or promotion.

The other great part about sharing blogs on your social platforms, you create engagement. You build your social following. And, you help develop and promote your brand. Just posting about the latest news or weather is not great content. Let others take the easy route as you write and post content that has more relevance to information people want.

As you can see, the benefits to regular blogging are endless. It only takes a few minutes to write about what matters to you and your organization. And, in doing so, you market your business without that pushy hard sell that people don’t like. Spend a few minutes each week, or skip that extra cup of coffee, and make the time to do what matters most when looking for a new way to increase revenue.

Start blogging today!