Get more sales and happier customers with live sales chat solution,
featuring instant 1-Click text, voice, and VIDEO calls.

Works from any device, without friending, installing apps or downloads.

Save a trip, have a live discussion, save a trip, build trust and close more sales.

Use Cases

Virtual Coaching and Online Consultants

  • Transition in-person meetings to virtual online meetings
  • Increase your reach
  • Save travel time

Telehealth Services

  • Allow patients to connect with you virtually
  • Provide your patients with quicker advice
  • One click instant call
  • Schedule appointment times
  • Recording for accountability
  • Peer-To-Peer Encrypted Connections for Privacy
  • HIPAA Compliant

Technical Support

  • Save time with 1-click live info capturing calls
  • Trouble shoot issues quicker
  • One virtual call to determine course of action and parts needed
  • Save on multiple on-site travel costs
  • Reduce customer’s down time
  • Increase client satisfaction

Dealership Sales

  • Start building rapport and trust with immediate live video calls
  • ¬†Click here for a live virtual showcase of this vehicle
  • Virtual trade-in appraisals from customer’s homes
  • Virtual F & I options and discussions
  • Seamless buying experience for customers
  • Team call routing and sim ring technology
  • Call recording and forwarding
  • CRM Integration and Analytics

Buyers typically visit up to 12 different dealer sites online, but only
visit 1 or 2 in person. Instant live video calls are the stepping stone
to building immediate rapport, trust and ultimately more sales.

Frictionless Customer Experience

  • No downloads, no phone numbers
  • Privacy protection
  • Any device / any OS
  • One-click to connect

Visibility and Control for your Business

  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Team management, analytics
  • CRM / Web integration

Easy to Implement and Secure

  • Peer-to-peer encryption
  • Device independent
  • Click links / scan QR-Codes

Instant Global Reach

Bring your business to your customers

Allow them to video call you with 1-click from anywhere

More than 60% of communications is body language, and
video calls are the best alternative to in person meetings.

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