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Your Customer’s Voice Matters

Use happy customers to win new customers
Leverage the voice of your brand champions to improve online word-of-mouth. Invite existing customers to share their experiences online so new customers know they can trust you.

Collect feedback to better your business
Ensure you’re giving customers what they want and expect. Invite them to share their experiences and put their valuable feedback to work.

Build a targeted presence across popular review sites
Make sure your business reviews show up where your customers spend the most time. Focus on collecting feedback on the review sites that impact your business.

Shine in local search
Maximize the SEO benefits of positive customer experiences. Gathering authentic reviews will help you show up in search so new customers can find you.

Reach customers wherever they are
Reviews Generator gives you the flexibility to request reviews on the medium that works best for your customers’ either text message or email.

SMS requests, Email requests, Request metrics, Customizable templates, Customizable review widget and Request workflows.

Monitor and manage your customer reviews today!

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