Social Website Builder is a DIY solution that helps businesses instantly launch a fully featured, mobile responsive website within minutes for a fraction of the cost of traditional website building.

This solution is provided by and is made available for you to try for 2 weeks, the fully featured version with no credit card needed to try.

If you agree that the website Social Website Builder creates for you makes you proud of showing off your business to your customers, there is a one time licencing fee of $200 and a low monthly fee of $50.

Get yourself a brand new look that would normally cost thousands of dollars to build for less than $2 per day, plus you get full control of your website for updates by having it synchronized to your Facebook business page.

Key Features and Benefits of Social Website Builder

Change your design at any time: Give your website a complete makeover with the click of a button. You can change designs in seconds, and all of your information will be automatically transferred to the new design. You can always change back just as easily.

E-commerce: Sell your products or services on your website. With the easy-to-use e-commerce platform, you can sell products and services directly from your website.

App Integrations: Want to embed your Twitter feed on your website? Or a reservation widget? No problem! Using the embed feature on custom pages, you can embed pretty much any third-party application. These applications can save you loads of time, instead of taking every reservation over the phone, let your website automate the process for you.


Here’s a list of some suggested applications.

SEO: Rank high on Google. Our sites are automatically optimized to rank high on search engines like Google. This allows more people to discover you. For advanced users, we also allow you to change SEO description and meta tags.

Mobile Optimization: More than 60% of website users are on mobile devices. Don’t miss out on all that traffic. With Social Website Builder, your site looks professional on all devices. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop–it doesn’t matter what you’re using; your site will adapt and stay beautiful. Google ranks mobile-optimized sites higher. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile will appear lower on search rankings. Social Website Builder sites, on the other hand, will appear higher!

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