restaurant SEO marketing

Would you enjoy getting more customers by merely increasing your rank on Google searches with the right SEO? While this may be a rhetorical question, 60% of consumers search for places to eat and relax online. You must optimize your local SEO for restaurants because 75% of all clicks are for the first page of the Google search results.

What is restaurant SEO?

It is the optimization of SEO for restaurants to create a smart marketing strategy on the online and mobile marketing platforms. Food service industry SEO should optimize the following aspects:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Menu
  • Photos
  • Blog posts
  • Address and contact

What you need to know about optimizing restaurant SEO


The keyword you use should be particular to your restaurant and its service. Some primary keywords,s such as ‘restaurant in Chicago,’ will not yield the best conversion rate for your business.

This case is because your restaurant is not the only one available in the area; hence most people will use the keyword to find the already established restaurants with a powerful SEO playbook. The objective of restaurant SEO keywords is to select keywords that are acutely relatable to your business and geographical location.

Niche keywords

Pay close attention to the niche of your business to extract the most benefit from the service. A perfect example is specifying a service, such as ‘vegan restaurant in San Jose,’ or ‘Thai restaurant in New York.’ Your visitors are likely to search for your business by the service it offers when they cannot recall the name.

Brand keyword

Another useful keyword is the brand keyword that identifies your business. Some popular brand names include KFC, Olive Garden, and MacDonalds. Include the brand of your business if you have a strong presence within the community or a growing online effect.

The restaurant marketing company that includes a brand keyword will rank higher because it offers more value to clients. It is best to include the brand keyword on social media as well as the website.

Brand story

Our search engine optimization for restaurants includes a brand story that makes your business unique. We may have to add a little family story about the lineage of your business, or the business partnership that birthed the restaurant. A video is a more enticing brand story because it allows visitors to form a closer bond with your business.

Address and contact information

RevGen Apps will have a clear outline of your address and contact data to ensure the business is easily accessible by customers. Anyone looking for directions should be able to tell your business apart with a few guidelines or follow the directives of the inserted Google Maps with a mobile phone.


Today’s restaurants prefer to include an online menu, instead of or printing the traditional pamphlet. Potential customers will love getting a peek of what they will buy at the restaurant and how much they have to set aside.

It is essential to include seasonal offers and high-quality pictures alongside the dishes. A menu in PDF format is easily readable and increases the chances for a higher Google search engine ranking.

Talk to us if you want the above prominent features when building restaurant SEO marketing, a free quote, and more details by our representatives.

restaurant SEO marketing

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