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What is Bing and Why Do I Need It?

I get a lot of people asking, What’s Bing? Or do I even need to be on Bing? In fact, I’ve had clients strongly suggest, I don’t care about Bing. Well, hopefully after this article, you might start to care a little more about Bing.

Wikipedia defines Bing as follows:

Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. The service has its origins in Microsoft’s previous search engines: MSN Search, Windows Live Search and later Live Search. Bing provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map search products.

In other words, imagine Google, just a different search engine. And, not quite as popular.

Why do I need Bing or I don’t care about Bing. The same questions, over and over, and my response is the same each time. Why not?! Bing is a search engine most known for being packaged into PC computers, laptops and tablets. And, there are far more people in the world on a PC than a Mac, that’s a fact. So, to ignore the second largest search engine seems silly.

Here are some important stats you should know:

In terms of the use of Search Engines, Google was heavily favoured throughout 2017-2018 averaging a net share of 74.54%. This confirms that Google is the leader, and it also highlights that other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing still have a large audience so it would be silly to simply to ignore either of them (average 5-10% market share).

It is also interesting to note that Google holds the largest market share but that has been decreasing since August. So, wouldn’t you want to make sure you increase your chances of being found?

Google dominated mobile devices with more than 90% market share. Yahoo and Bing each have less than 1% of the market. So, while mobile device use is less, we see the average spending grow in 2019. That increase is 24% (it?s likely much higher today, as those stats are from 2017-2018).

The interesting part, Bing ads had the largest desktop clicks at 77%, yet only 14% of those ad clicks were on mobile. So, to reiterate. Why on earth would you not want to show up on Bing? Especially since it doesn’t cost you anything to be there. Get whatever traction you can from it as opposed to none.

Here’s the interesting part, did you know that your search results are completely different on Google than they are on Bing? Even more important is this, imagine you can’t get a keyword or search term to rank well on Google, yet you get first page results on Bing. And, that’s at zero cost! Again, why on earth wouldn’t you want to be there?

I always recommend, go on as many social media platforms as you can. Try some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that’s geared towards producing different results on both Google and Bing. These are crucial to your business success. And, Bing ads are much less money than Google ads. They simply hold a different audience and you can still get your marketing messages out there, just at a fraction of the cost.

So, my question to you is, why wouldn’t you want to be on Bing?