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Why You Must Follow Your Competition on Social

It might seem strange but there are several reasons why you must follow your competition on (all) their social media platforms. I know, weird right? Why would I follow my competition? Let alone, what if they see me following them?

Well, it goes without saying that it’s difficult to see what your competition is up to (different sales, promotions, etc) if you don’t follow them on their social channels. And, there’s no faster way to stay on top of what they’re up to if you follow them.

Let’s start with one very important reason to follow your competition online. You will know what works and what doesn’t work. And, you will be able to adjust your own strategy accordingly once you see what they’re up to. Maybe you’re even running a similar promotion. Well, another great reason to not make the same mistakes they might be making online.

Another great reason, to follow your competition on social, what if they’re doing something you’ve never tried or even thought of trying? Maybe they’re utilizing video in a way your organization is not. Maybe they’re active on a social platform you haven’t tried. You wouldn’t know if you didn’t follow them.

What about relationships? Who are they following? Who are they engaging with? Wouldn’t you want to know this? Maybe you should be following the same. In fact, what if they’re active in their local community? Again, you wouldn’t know if you’re not following their social channels.

Here are a few additional reasons to follow your competition on social:

Industry News: Maybe they’re aware of something you and your team are not. They might be sharing an article that’s beneficial for your team to view. Maybe you can share the same article? Again, this creates synergy and backlinks and a host of positive SEO benefits as well.

Know what you’re up against. How would you know if you keep your head in the sand or you’re too worried about your competition seeing you follow them online?

Lastly, reputation management. What are people saying about them? What are they saying about you? Again, I can’t stress this enough, you won’t know if you don’t take the time to follow them.

The old days of being afraid to be seen, what if my competition sees I’m following them, or what if they see our latest sale shouldn’t even be a factor in making your business stand out on social media. Healthy and friendly competition is exactly that. There is plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone to play. In fact, here’s a new idea, how about build relationships with your competition so you can have some fun on social platforms together. Maybe it’s a friendly challenge on a sports game or contributing or raising funds for local charities.

Everyone is so worried to follow their competition. Well, guess what? I bet they’re following you right now. So, you might want to do the same.