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Why You Should Use A Landing Page

A landing page is a page on your website that is designed to convert visitors or traffic into leads. It’s different from other pages on your site as it has a form that allows you to capture visitor information in exchange for a specific offer.

Why is this important?

Using Google Analytics is not enough to track traffic to pages on your website. And, those are pages with existing content. You want to have a unique landing page that is specific to a current or new promotion. This page won’t already have traffic, so you won’t get previous stats mixed up, and you can see if your marketing efforts are paying off. For example, if you are advertising in newspaper or radio, this is a great way to capture your audience information you wouldn’t normally get by using traditional media.

Landing Pages Should Contain the Following Elements:

  • A headline and sub-headline (this should support your current ad campaign).
  • A brief description of the what is being offered.
  • At least one supporting image or preferably a short video (you can use YouTube to gain additional SEO).
  • A form that is simple and to-the-point. You want to make it quick and easy for visitors to fill out (name, email and a button).

Here’s a tip, please stay away from using Submit or Enter in the button text. This is another opportunity for CTR (Call to Action) where you can use a phrase such as Get Started Now or Send me the Details or I Want to Save Money Today.

For landing page content, I’d recommend a minimum word count of 350 words. This is great for additional SEO to your website, on top of the added benefits already mentioned. If you’re writing a blog post that you want to use on your website, the minimum copy required would be 500 words.

Here are the Benefits of Landing Pages:

  • Landing Pages Support Your Business Goals.
  • Landing Pages Increase Conversions (converting visits to actions).
  • Landing Pages Generate Data and Analytics.
  • Landing Pages Can Grow Your Email List.
  • Landing Pages Improve Brand Awareness.

As you can see, just having a successful marketing campaign is one thing. But, if you send dozens of people to your website, you better have a great page or offer to gain their business. And, a landing page (specific to your promotion) will at least be a lead-gen opportunity to capture that information and turn those important visits to revenue while increasing your brand awareness.

Get started today and discover how quickly you can turn traffic to sales with something as simply as a landing page.